Apr 2, 2012


In Malabar, we have many traditional food like Unda ,Manda.kolappam,Ada.Kaaja....etc  .My Umma & Ummama [mom& grand mom]are very expert in cooking of those traditional food. Unfortunately I don't know how to make all these items. I never tried to learn.Usually I get these snacks all the way from my home village made by either Umma or Ummama.  Kadalakappam is a crispy snack . In our colloquial language we call it as kallakappam.When I got the above Kadalakappam I decided to post the same on my blog.But the funny thing is ...I really don't know the recipe..Kadala [chickpeas] is included in its name ,so I thought that kadala will be one of  main ingredients... :)) When I asked my mom " How much Kadala should we use?". She couldn't stop laughing..ha ha ha ha ha. Because kadala is not an ingredient .!!!!!


Jeera Rice      -400 gms
Egg                  -4
Water              - 1/2 glass
Pathal powder -[rice powder] -1 cup or more
Salt  to taste
Black sesame seeds 


Soak rice for 1 hour and grind in a juicer with 1/2 glass water. Then add eggs ,salt grind well.Pour this into a bowl add sesame seeds ,pathal powder to make tighten the dough.


1. Heat oil. Meanwhile, 
2. When the oil is hot enough (not smoking), press the dough directly over the oil.using kadalakappam maker or by  murukku achu
3. Reduce to medium flame and fry till the appam is golden brown on all sides.
4. Remove and drain on a kitchen towel.
5. Store it in a air-tight container for longer shelf life.

note: If you want it sweet, sprinkle sugar syrup on it.