Mar 7, 2012



farfalle pasta-500gms
prawn-250gms[marinate with chilli powder, pepper ,lime juice and salt ]
garlic-6  crushed
onion-3 chopped
tomato-6 to 7chopped
paprika powder or chilli powder 1tsp
salt to taste
heat olive oil in a pan fry prawns, In same oil add garlic saute for 2mnts ,saute onion till soft add chilli powder&pepper saute for a mnt add tomato saute for few minutes till masala becomes thick or tomato becomes juicy add fried prawns ,salt ,coriander leaves cover& cook for few minutes,,then add cooked pasta mix well ,close the lid cook for 5 to 8 mnts in low heat and serve hot..


noodles 5 packet [I used Indo-mie  fried noodles]
frozen mixed vegetable  -1 1/2 cup or fresh veg like carrot ,cabbage ,french beans ,peas...etc]
;you can add any type of  vegetables; .
capsicum any color -1/2 sliced
corn- 1/4 cup
onion -1 chopped
garlic -4 cloves chopped
ginger -1/2 '' chopped
chicken breast -300 gms cook with pepper and salt -shredded
omelet  .made with 1or 2 eggs and cut
pepper powder
tomato sauce or ketchup  1 to 2 tbsp
chili sauce 1/2 tbsp
soy sauce 2 tbsp
first boil noodles and drain .pour some cold water on noodles ,In a vessel or Chinese wok heat 2 tbsp oil mix with some soy sauce .add chopped garlic and ginger saute for mnts then chopped onion saute well then all veg and cook. if you are using fresh veg  add one by one and cook .then all sauces, shredded chicken ,omelet ,pepper powder  then add noodles and seasonings toss and mix well ..serve hot